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I would like to explain how to purchase Sports Toto offline.
I will try to explain it in a simple and easy to understand way

2.Sports Toto (Prototo)

is a legal Sports Toto designated by the country, and since it is legal, it is a Sports Toto that can be bet under the protection of the law,

You can also purchase it at Sports Toto offline stores.

There are two ways, and I’ll briefly explain them.

One . Matching Ceremony (W.D.L, Under/Over)

It is a game to guess the expected result by selecting 2 to 10 matches among the target matches or 1 match among the matches designated as one match.

2 . Recording formula (match score, match winning team, etc.)

The Prototype Record Ceremony is a game in which you guess the outcome of a match you are interested in based on a variety of topics, such as who wins and standings, finalists, first goal scorer, and more.

Target games include soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

  • How to buy Sports Toto offlineOne . Visit Sports Toto offline store

    In Batman, it is possible to bet mainly online, but in the case of Proto, many wins and losses are played offline.

    Therefore, I usually search the Internet for a Sports Toto store that is located in the neighborhood and visit it a lot.

    1. Betting Sports Toto Offline

    If you have checked all the match schedules above, it’s time to place your bets.

    As for how to bet, OMR cards are provided for each type of game that users want, as shown in the picture at the bottom.

    Then, depending on the type of game you are using, take out the OMR card and watch the game schedule with a computer water-based fan.

    You can mark various games for each game you want (win, draw, loss, record ceremony, etc.).

    The parts to be marked on the OMR card are the game number, the number of selected games, and the purchase amount. If you have finished marking on the paper

    If you bring the paper to the counter staff, the paper will be pulled out as you checked.

    Also, you should note that the maximum purchase amount

  • for online is 50,000 won,
  • and the maximum purchase limit for offline is 100,000 won.

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